Once upon a time… well actually just last week… a man set his GPS to destination “Pumpkin Patch”.  He and his wife, their friends with their little dog “Livvy” loaded into his wife’s 2013 Chevy Equinox and headed into the Anza Borrego Desert.  The picture below was borrowed from http://www.backroadswest.com which is an excellent website for those traveling out west regardless of what one’s interests are.  And yes, you guessed it, picture is borrowed because we just never quite made it there!

PUMPKIN PATCH (from http://www.backroadswest.com/)

PUMPKIN PATCH (from http://www.backroadswest.com/)

Signs:  “All vehicles must be highway legal and you must remain on the designated roads.”  Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong.  Designated roads are really nothing more than washes which are ever changing depending on the rain.  Heavy rains move rocks!  But we’re good to go. After all we have a GPS, a desert map and a highway legal vehicle that sits relatively high.  And how bad could it be since once you enter the desert it’s only 5 miles to the Pumpkin Patch.



That’s enough background on this little trek, and since pictures really are worth a thousand words — especially when the situation is one of those that just pretty much leaves you speechless.  There are lessons to be learned here though, so watch and learn.

Rocks on the path called a halt to the Chevy Equinox going further, but darn it, the guy came to see the Pumpkin Patch and the GPS indicates it’s 1.3 miles.  Dismissing the fact that it’s really hot, Bill takes off down the rocky path leaving the three of us behind with little water and no food…  but we do have the car.

OOOOOPS!  Not able to sight the Patch.  And along came some guys on dune buggies who told him it was 3 miles south of where he was.  A little miscalculation.



That was the end of this little adventure.  We left with the car undamaged but really dirty, we still had a little water left and we really weren’t as hungry as we thought we were when we were sitting there without any food.  So lesson learned:  TAKE ONE OF THE DESERT TOURS AND LEAVE THE DRIVING TO THEM.   You’ll be glad you did!

JEEP TOURS AT:  http://www.borregojeepphototours.com

DESERT DAY TOURS AND OVERNIGHTS: http://www.californiaoverland.com

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