In every little corner of the United States are uniquely talented people who share their creations with us.  Many make their living selling their handmade creations.  Please support them!

Is there an artist in your area that you would like to have recognized here?  Please email me at and tell me about them and send a picture of their creations.  They work hard and they deserve some credit and some free publicity.

Managing a booth at the Oceanside California Farmers’ Market I found an amazing group of people.  They were some of the students of TERi Center for the Arts and Adult Education.  TERi serves children and adults who have special needs including autism, multi-handicapped, mentally challenged, or deaf/blind.  While there they learn to enhance their senses through art and music.  One of the students in the booth,  colored pencil in hand, was quickly sketching a picture.  One of the items for sale were beautifully drawn in, what I would call, a distinctive “scribble” style.   The artist, despite his multiple handicaps, was totally engaged in his drawing and unaware of the people gathered around him watching him work.  Their counselor told me that he draws constantly.  It’s his passion.  His note cards as well as other items were for sale at the Farmers’ Market.



Who can resist the colorful designer clothing found in Southern California?   I can, unless they’re made by a Southern California Designer.  A lot of the clothing booths at Farmers’ Markets and Arts and Craft Fairs are selling colorful clothing made in China, Taiwan, Mexico, and other places, but once in awhile a booth catches your eye and you just know it’s unique!  You know it’s high quality and you know it’s being sold to you by the designer.    When I passed the booth of Chara Designs I stopped short.  Her designs are distinctively hers and the fabrics she uses are unique and each is handmade.   You can also go to her studio and pick out fabric and design their own garment.  Sherry is a two-time breast cancer survivor and donates part of her proceeds to breast cancer organizations.  Please do check out her website and for my Northern friends and neighbors, we could use a little of this color in the upper midwest too.

One of my purchases!

Leslie Huntsman creates something whimsical out of just about anything.  I met Leslie at the Vista Farmers’ Market.  Her trade name is Chairy Potter and while she doesn’t have a website you can reach email her at lesleehouston@hotmail,com.   She will send you pictures of her creations and she will create something special just for you.   She can also be reached at 760-420-9216.

Born in Mexicali Mexico Sandra Segovia became a kindergarten teacher and speech therapist.  It was 15 years later that she took a ceramic class and that moved her into the art of sculpture.  Her medium is clay, her subjects are primarily female and her textures are inspired by corals, rocks and fossils.  She has mastered her goal of creating pieces that give the sense they are worn out by time and nature.  They were just so beautiful that we naturally had to have one of our own. She displays her work at various art shows and festivals in the San Diego area.

segovia sculptures

As with so many artists and crafters today she has no website but can be contacted by email or by phone: 619-216-8849.

Keep watching for more artists and crafters to be recognized for their work.

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