FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2014   Beautiful day to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  The park is relatively new, opening May 10, 1972.  It’s 1800 acres is home to over 2,600 animals representing more than 300 species.  The park also has the world’s largest veterinary hospital and a quarantine center for zoo animals imported into the United States through San Diego.

The largest exhibits cover over 300 acres and are open-range enclosures.  It’s interesting to see the various plains representing many regions, including North, East, and Central Africa and Asia.  There are also smaller enclosures that are only visible from the tram.

There are a number of ways you can explore the park.  The tram is probably the best way to see the overall park, but if you want to fly over there’s the balloon, or you can take the flight line which wouldn’t be my thing, because I’d be too busy checking it out to make sure it didn’t come loose and drop me in the jungle.  If you want to get up close and personal with the animals there is the cart safari or the caravan safari.  You can also stay overnight in the park.  Now, that sounds fun!


We visited Nairobi Village on the way to the Tram and I fell in love with the Lemurs.  When they were born they were less 6 oz combined and one is said to have weighed 1.6 oz.  They are several months old now but still remain in the Zoo Nursery in Nairobi Village.  Kids love the Petting Kraal.  The goats are so soft.  Lorikeet Landing is also located in Nairobi Village and you will love the Lorikeets and the Lorikeets will love you right back!  Then there are the Rodriguez Fruit Bats who only live in Mauritius Rodriguez Island in the Indian Ocean.  I am soooo not a fan of bats so I think it would be good if they were deported.  This was the first time I’d seen a baby though, and like most babies (unless they happen to be yours) they are not pretty!

Arriving at the tram we managed to snag the outer seats so we could take pictures.  It seemed like everywhere we went the animals were very active.  As the day wore on the volunteer guides and other staff were indicating how they were much more active than usual.  So sometimes it depends on the day, but I think it’s the time of day .  All animals are said to be much more active during the morning hours so that’s a good thing to remember when going to any Zoo.

I love birds, but I was really disappointed in the bird show.  Part of that stemmed from my ignorance however.  With two exceptions the birds flew from the stage area to the back perches held by bird handlers and there was some interaction there.  They were a little higher than halfway  up the bleachers, so if I were to go again I would sit in the back 6 to 8 rows.  I would love to post some pictures but I was not sitting in a position to get any pictures.  I do have one picture though which will give you some indication of where you should be sitting when you go to see them.



I love the Lagoon! The birds are terrific and so entertaining.

And finally the African Birds!  I think they had had a long day because these were the only two birds I saw and the only three pictures I managed to get.

Spend a day with these amazing animals — you will not be sorry!


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