La Jolla “The Jewel”, was once a very affluent little village north of San Diego.  I drove from Emerald and Lamont in Pacific Beach over Mount Soledad and down into La Jolla to work every day.   I bought lunch at a wonderful Italian Deli and walked down to the Beach to eat and watch the surfers.  I shopped at Jurgensen’s Grocery Store for special occasions and holidays only — very expensive.  I  ate an occasional breakfast at John’s Waffle Shop.    Shopping for an outfit or shoes was a bit of a challenge because you had to shop before eleven or after one so it always didn’t fit into the regular lunch hour.  Why?  We concluded that the shopkeepers figured that we worked and were on our lunch hour, and if you worked you probably couldn’t afford to buy much, if anything, so we just weren’t worth the trouble.    I did quite a bit of sewing back then so it was a bonus to work in the same building with an unbelievable fabric shop that imported the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen or worked with.   On occasion we would treat ourselves to dinner at a German restaurant down on Coast Highway.  “Dinner” doesn’t begin to describe it…. it was an experience.  Seven courses and it took about four hours.  It was very small and only seated about 25 or 30 people.

With the exception of the apartment building where we lived in Pacific Beach and the beach where I ate lunch, all of the above are gone.   La Jolla never had a “skyline” — it does now.  Towering buildings, large hotels and chain restaurants have replaced the quaint shops, little resorts and cozy intimate restaurants and colorful outdoor cafes.  It’s still one of the most upscale coastal cities in Southern California, and I still can’t afford to live there, so that part really hasn’t changed.  .   Today La Jolla appears to be all about tourists and all about retail.

Enough about the past….  the present is pretty spectacular with amazing new things to see and do.

La Jolla from Mt Soledad

La Jolla from Mt Soledad

La Jolla Shores from Mt Soledad

La Jolla Shores from Mt Soledad

Pacific Beach from Mt Soledad

Pacific Beach from Mt Soledad

The Beaches are the best and each is a little different and they have something to offer everyone.  They’re FREE.   See post:  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BEACHES – LA JOLLA.

In 1993 The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints was opened to the public.  It sits on 7.2 acres and is 72,000 square feet.   The towers are connected at th centre with a supernal star-shaped atrium filled with colorful flowers.  This is accessed from a two-story Celestial Room filled with towering art glass, suspended light fixtures, and featuring a grand staircase to an upper-level balcony.

Temple of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Temple of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Atop Mount Soledad is the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial.  There really aren’t any words to adequately describe it.  It is more than a wall memorializing those who have served and died.  It honors veterans who have served our country whether they have passed away or are still living.  It not only honors veterans but educates the public about their services and the sacrifices that they have made to preserve the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  The plaques tell the story of the veterans service.

Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial

Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial

Veterans Wall

Veterans Wall

I am attaching a link to their site.  You may want to hear more about it, or you may want to purchase a plaque.  All the information can be found at

La Jolla is still “The Jewel” of the California coast cities.


  1. One would never believe the changes through the years unless one had been there! Your memories are so vivid and wonderful!

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