It started in Williams AZ which is quaint little town with great gift shops.  They still had their Christmas Tree up and I am thinking that they have quite a celebration when they light it.  From this nice, nonthreatening, friendly little town we headed  to Oatman, Arizona.  A ride I will NEVER take again, but glad I did it once! and while this was our last day of traveling route 66 I truly believed it may be my last day of travel EVER.  The pictures will speak for themselves.

Welcome to Williams AZ

Merry Christmas from Williams AZ

Williams Az A

The Oatman Highway fron Kingman AZ to Oatman AZ is not for the faint of heart, but it will give you insight as to what it must have been like for those traveling west back in the 30s.

Oatman Hwy sign

You travel through Sitgreaves Pass, with steep grades, narrow road, and sharp hairpin curves.  You pray you do not meet an oncoming vehicle and you pray extra hard you do not meet an RV.  Vehicles over 40 feet are not allowed on the Highway.  I have to wonder how vehicles over 25 feet manage the curves.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Arriving in Oatman!  This had better be worth it!

Finally... Oatman

Finally… Oatman

Clark Gable and Carol Lombard were married in Kingman and spent their honeymoon in Oatman.  Their honeymoon suite is one of the popular tourist attractions.

Oatman Hotel

Oatman Hotel

The biggest attraction in town are the burros that come into Oatman on a daily basis for food.  These burros are descendants of the pack animals that were brought in by the gold miners in the late 1800s and turned loose when the mines closed.  It would seem that they learned early that Oatman residents and tourists feed them.  They roam freely in town greeting all the tourists.  They will take food from your hand but you do need to exercise some caution because while they seem docile enough they are wild.

One day I would like to return to Oatman, but this time the approach will be from Needles….  I will never ride on the Oatman Highway between Kingman and Oatman ever again.  (I think I said that before)

And so we head for California and our destination…

The sun always try to shine in California

The sun always try to shine in California

Almost there.

Almost there.

This is the end of Route 66 for now.   It is a wonderful and amazing trek and we saw so much but there is so much more to see.   There is so much history and I’ve given only an overview.  Another day I’ll revisit some of these sites and fill in the gaps.  Hope you enjoyed this and hope you plan a little trip to some of the places I’ve highlighted along Old Route 66.


  1. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! The pictures are great, but seeing them would certainly keep me from traveling that section of Route 66! I AM Faint of Heart!!!!

  2. Be sure NEVER to travel on Route 89 from Prescott, AZ to Jerome, AZ. You would surely not like that road! I love Oatman, but I drove up from the south usually. We wintered in Fort Mohave last year, and I made trips to Oatman twice a week.

    • Thanks Betsy. I really appreciate your tip. Now I’ll have to look at the route when I get home to see if that was one of the roads we took while I had my eyes closed! 🙂 Would welcome any of your comments on any of the traveling or wintering you have done. Thanks again.

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